A Culinary Tour Through Tabanan on Bali

A 30-minute bike ride from the bustling atmosphere of Canggu beach will transport you to the tranquil charm of Tabanan, a town in central Bali widely acclaimed for its captivating rice paddies and natural vistas. This region sprawls along the western coastline, providing a serene retreat with unassuming places to eat and cozy coffee shops….

Cook Rahel Stephanie’s Warming Indonesian Semur Daging

Two Indonesian recipes from Spoons supper club founder, chef Rahel Stephanie. Semur daging – spiced beef stew Savor the cozy delight of semur daging, a Dutch-influenced Indonesian braised beef stew. Unbeknownst to many, the warming spice of nutmeg, originating from Indonesia, graces this dish. As temperatures drop, relish the aromatic embrace of nutmeg, enhancing the tenderness…

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