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Artists, poets and performers will pervade Peckham’s Safehouse 1 from 28th-31st March, for the opening of curators Sophie Thompson and Hannah Jose’s first exhibition, SPACE-HONEY. The collaborative exhibition exploring the spatial and the surreal will display the works of: Ellen Antico, Aisha Christison, Yasmine Dickens, Ellie Hoskyns-Abrahall, Nicolette Clara Iles, Ellis Jaz, Verity Smiley-Jones, Steph Linn, Daisy Morey, Olga Paczka, Simona Sharafudinov, Niloofar Taatizadeh, Giovanni Vetere, Sangwha Yim, and will include live performances and poetry by Lucy Silver, and others to be announced.

SPACE-HONEY reveals how dreams can manifest in both familiar and uncanny forms. This multi-sensory display of emerging artists explores the Freudian dreamscapes of our unconscious. Here, memory and desire collide to override the real, altering the nooks and crevices of Peckham’s Safehouse 1 from ‘home’ to surrealist wonderland.



In using the metaphor of honey in a hive, Gaston Bachelard depicts the relationship between waking and dreaming in his book, ‘The Poetics of Space’. Once under the scope of the imagination, physical space becomes a honey-like substance; oozing and leaking out of its container. This power to go ‘beyond reality’ was showcased in the 1920’s Surrealist movement with an array of disembodied figures and unnerving landscapes; merging the inner psyche and the outer world.

By starting from the first dwelling point: the home, dreams can be mapped across architectural boundaries; from beyond the four walls to the very skin we live in. Through approaching Surrealist views a century later, SPACE-HONEY exposes the psychological tensions of present-day; combining poetry, performance and art to depict how our innermost desires and dreams can transform our surroundings.



Following the opening of the exhibition, SPACE-HONEY will celebrate with an after party at New Cross’ Five Bells with drinks and live performances by YOWL, Peeping Drexels, Sunglasses for Jaws, and Human Music. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

SPACE-HONEY will take place at Safehouse 1 from 28th-31st March 2018. A private viewing of the exhibition will take place on 28th March from 6-9pm.


Feature image via Nicolette Clara

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