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Autumn 2023

By Keshav Anand

For the past six years, I’ve edited Something Curated with the intention of creating a space to highlight underrepresented cultures and practices — steered by an interest in exploring the intersections of creative disciplines. With a focus on the Global Majority and diasporic narratives, the site is about storytelling, unearthing overlooked histories and ecologies, while celebrating those pioneering new paths forward. 

Our interviews and profiles, the backbone of the publication in many ways, offer valuable insights from artists, curators, chefs, architects, musicians, directors and designers, among other voices, from all over the world. Through city guides, recommendations and reading lists, we’ve endeavoured to be a useful resource to our readers; while our features, spanning artist commissions and thoughtfully researched writing, have always been a space to broach a rich constellation of topics. 

Hybridity and a non-hierarchical approach to culture are central to our editorial direction, underpinned by the belief that manifold sectors shape culture. Since our inception in 2016, food and foodways have been a significant area of interest. Now, as we delve further, I am excited to announce a new chapter for Something Curated marked by a deeper exploration of food led by former Eater London editor and current Vittles restaurant editor, Adam Coghlan, who joins the SC team this week.

Something Curated Food

By Adam Coghlan

It may be somewhat banal to observe that food culture does not exist in a vacuum. And yet, much of western food media in the last two decades has often attempted to divorce food from its politics, its economies, its people; it has revolved around the mainstream — as an entity to be observed and enjoyed, less so critiqued or understood. 

At Eater generally, and during the course of my tenure as Eater London editor specifically, we always sought to flip that: to put the people at the centre, and to constantly ask and answer questions not just of where to eat, but why, and because of who. People and their places matter. Because without them, there is nothing to eat. 

It’s why I’m excited to work with Keshav and the Something Curated team as it begins this next phase of evolution — to continue sharing the imaginative, inventive, and generous style of storytelling that he as editor has developed so well. 

Working with writers, editors, and photographers from all over the world — from Chennai to LA, via London — Something Curated’s editorial vision for food will come to life through profiles of chefs, restaurateurs, and producers; cuisine and city guides will be authored by people who recognise and understand the interconnectivity between both; we want to tell the stories of the restaurants that really matter. We want to open up the notebooks of our contributors, to offer carefully curated recommendations, thoughtful opinions, and considered analysis — through writing, illustrations, and original photography. 

Above all, we will always aim to give an insight into why food matters, the people behind the characters, the lives behind the names, and why you should care, too. 

We’ll see you very soon.

Feature image: Dương Nhân, Pexels

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