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Welcome back to Something for the Week — your weekly selection of things to look at, read, listen to, and experience across the arts.

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Yves Klein and the Tangible World at Lévy Gorvy Dayan, New York

Yves Klein and the Tangible World takes as its focus the engagement of the body in the visionary French artist’s oeuvre. For Klein, not only did the nude body provide articulate mark-making, but it also represented openness, liberation, and a celebration of being. Curated in collaboration with the Yves Klein Foundation, the presentation brings together nearly 30 examples of the artist’s Anthropométries as well as his Sculpture tactile, among other pieces.

Until 25 May 2024

Tai Shani’s The World to Me Was a Secret: Caesious, Zinnober, Celadon, and Virescent at The Cosmic House, London

The Jencks Foundation presents a site-specific exhibition by Turner Prize-winning artist Tai Shani, on display at The Cosmic House. The exhibition responds to the unique context of The Cosmic House and traces the connections between the artist’s thinking and that of the inimitable home’s designer, Charles Jencks, touching on anthropomorphism, Ad-Hocism, surrealism and the Promethean impulse.

1 May-20 Dec 2024

Artist Talk: Yan Wang Preston at The Photographers’ Gallery, London

Born in Henan, China, artist Yan Wang Preston will present her work in a new talk as part of The Photographers’ Gallery’s series, Contingencies: Citizens and Photography. Exploring landscapes, identity, migration, and environmental issues, Wang Preston’s practice is characterised by rigorous research processes, focussed on gaining first-hand understanding of her subject matter.

1 May 2024

Tesfaye Urgessa at Saatchi Yates, London

Following his presentation at the inaugural Ethiopian Pavilion at the 60th Venice Biennale, London gallery Saatchi Yates will present 14 paintings by Tesfaye Urgessa created between Addis Ababa, Nürtigen and Padua. A focus on portraiture and figurative painting reveals the artist’s classical education and early inspiration from traditional Ethiopian iconography. Read Something Curated’s interview with the artist here.

1 May-16 Jun 2024

Anselm Kiefer’s Punctum at Gagosian, New York

Punctum is the first exhibition in the US to centre on German artist Anselm Kiefer’s photography. Photography has been an important but under-recognised aspect of Kiefer’s practice since 1968, when he began using his father’s 35mm camera. The medium underpins the evolution of the artist’s paintings and is a key component of his books.

Until 3 Jul 2024

Matthew Krishanu by Mark Rappolt, Ben Luke and Dorothy Price

Inspired by his childhood in Dhaka, Matthew Krishanu makes works that convey the ambiguities of the postcolonial. Subtle shifts in register on the surface of his paintings imbue his subject matter with a sense of ambiguity and detachment. Through this, the artist questions the positions of his subjects. Coinciding with Krishanu’s solo exhibition at Camden Art Centre, discover his first monograph now available for purchase.

Feature image: Tai Shani, The World to Me Was a Secret: Caesious, Zinnober, Celadon, and Virescent, 2024, installation view. Photo by Thierry Bal. Courtesy of the Jencks Foundation at The Cosmic House.

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