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New York-based architecture and design practice FOOD, helmed by Dong-Ping Wong, have announced the launch of their new project Food Radio – the first season of the initiative is entitled OFFICE HOURS. From 26 October, live-streamed interviews and workshops with a series of artists, architects, chefs and musicians will take place out of a storefront at 34 East Broadway in Chinatown, New York. Young people from the local community are invited to come meet with the different artists and hear about the steps that they took in order to make a living doing the creative things that they love.

The three-week programme, which was revealed today on Instagram, comprises a diverse cohort of guests, spanning a breadth of industries, including Sweeten founder Jean Brownhill, game developer and publisher Playlab, architects and designers Tei Carpenter and Leong Leong, artist and art director Hassan Rahim, musician Nancy Whang, Hypebeast founder Kevin Ma, blogger Jjjjound, chef Gerardo Gonzalez, as well as FOOD New York themselves, among many more.

FOOD, directed by Wong, with Cass Nakashima, Jesse Taylor, Bella Janssens, Jessica Kwok, Ryan Fierro, and Carrie Smith, designs environments with the purpose of making cities better places to live. The New York-based office is composed of architects and designers currently working on an array of civic, cultural, commercial and residential projects around the world. The studio’s clients and collaborators include Kanye West, Virgil Abloh and Off-White, Axel Vervoordt, MoMA, the New Museum, and Hypebeast, among others.

The OFFICE HOURS opening party, taking place from 6pm on 26 October, will be guest hosted by chef Angela Dimayuga. When Something Curated spoke with Dimayuga earlier this year, she told us: “Food and culture are synonymous. There’s a lot of different practices that you can have that are essential to culture. Like if you think about what is foundational culture in a city or a neighbourhood, if we talk about downtown NY, I think it’s the people that are active in the communities that make it. And I think it’s also people that are breaking rules or thinking about changing things within their own industries. You kind of all gravitate towards each other, then you create this bigger community that can make waves or cause shifts in what is culturally significant.”

If you can’t make it down on the 26th, stay tuned for a link to the live-stream.


Feature image: Off-White, Singapore by FOOD New York (via FOOD New York)

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